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North American Law Partners assist individuals or their loved ones injured by medications, medical devices and other harmful products to obtain generous financial compensation.  Our team’s broad expertise makes us particularly skilled to secure justice for you by partnering with other prominent law firms nationwide to bring actions for particular harms against self interested corporations.  Our partnership increase your chances of a significant monetary recovery.

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We are ready 24/7 to discuss your loved one’s injury.  We will take the time necessary to learn the facts of your case.  We work with other law firms nationwide– at no additional cost to you, the client- to assemble the force necessary to pursue a lawsuit against any company on your behalf.  We are ready willing and able to help you in your legal efforts today regardless of your location, or financial status.  All injuries to us are handled on a confidential basis.


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North American Law Partners does not charge a fee for any consultation or representation.  Rather, we will receive an agreed percentage of your recovery.  Only when we win your case, do we, and the firms that we work with, receive payment and that agreed-to percentage of your recovery does not increase.  We want you to receive justice.

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“To provide every injured individual the opportunity for justice.”

Get the legal help you need, when you need it.

Contact us now for a free personal consultation.

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If you or a loved one believes there may have been an injury because of a defective pharmaceutical product, medical device or other product, give North American Law Partners a call today and let us begin the process to obtain the justice you deserve.